We are a small breeder located in North Eastern Ohio.  Our dogs are our family and they are spoiled with lots of love and affection and pretty much have two human's catering to their every desire.  When you get your own pomsky you will understand.  You cannot help but fall in love with their playful and silly antics. 

We only breed our dogs in an ethical way and therefore each of our females only have 4 litters during their lifetime  so filling out an application and getting on our waiting list will be the best way to ensure you get one of our dogs.

We also want to have a relationship with the owners of our puppies.  We are here for you through all your new puppy questions.  Pomskies are a relatively new breed and it is important for us to follow our dogs through their entire life so we can keep track of any issues with our breeding stock.  All of our breeding dogs have been vet checked and have had an Embark DNA test to look for possible issues to ensure you have the healthiest puppy possible.

We want to create a family of pomsky lovers like ourselves that will help push us towards our ultimate goal of seeing these lovable little fur balls become AKC recognized.

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When it comes to buying puppies there are no shortage of ads on the internet and the price of puppies can vary from bargain prices of $500 to more than $5,000 so why should you buy from us?

You can by a $20 pair of jeans, a $40 pair of jeans or $200 pair of jeans.  At first you might be excited at the great deal you found but after wearing them a time or two  you realize they were not the deal you thought they were.  The fabric is too thin, the stitching is bad and coming apart and the overall quality is just poor.  You don't want to take a loveable puppy home, just to discover that things are very wrong.  Our hearts get so attached to these little ones, which puts buyers in a terrible perdicament when issues are discovered.


1) Our dogs are raised in our homes and cared for as members of our family.  As a breeder it costs thousands of dollars a year to take care of each of our dogs ensuring we give them great nutrition, vaccinations and proper medical care.  Pregnancy is a natural condition but it can be deadly for both mom and babies which is why we take every care and precaution to make sure that our dogs have safe pregnancies with the best possible outcome including ultrasounds, x-rays, post-partum care and c-sections if necessary.

2) The puppies we produce are apart of our family, they are our babies children.  We make certain that their puppies go to loving and capable homes where they will be part of a family.  Owners of our puppies get lifelong support which includes the following:

  • A New Owner Packet which includes everything you need to know about bringing home a pomsky puppy

  • Detailed records on your puppy's health from birth along with photos of each stage of their journey

  • Lifetime support for your dog including answers to questions, advice and help re-homing of your dog if your ability to care for the dog changes

3) We provide the beginning training for ensuring success with potty training and crate training your puppy.  Puppy's start learning the concept that there is a specific place that they should be using to go to the bathroom as soon as they become stable on their feet around 3 weeks.  At 6 weeks puppies begin their crate training with a partner and graduate to crates of their own before they go home to help easy the transition to their new families home and ease separation anxiety.

4) Our dogs come with a 3 year genetic defect guarantee which ensures that you have a puppy free of genetic diseases.  All of our puppies parents have Embark DNA test run on them that looks for more than 250 genetic diseases.  Our breeding dogs DNA profiles are available on this site giving complete transparency into the dogs genetic lineage.

5)  We care about quality over quantity, as such each of our dogs are not bred until they reach maturity at 2 years old and are only bred 4 times in their lifetime.  Pomskies tend to have smaller litters with 5 pups being about average.  This means that any one of our girls may produce only around 2o pups in their lifetime, now that is rare!  Many larger breed dogs have 12 or more puppies per litter which means that the price of those litters are usually lower as they have so many puppies.

6) We do things ethically.  Yes you can find a pomsky on the internet for 500 to 1000 dollars but for that price you will have no idea what you bought.  You will know nothing about its lineage, its standard of care while it was a puppy, the experiences it was exposed to or the hidden health concerns that could cost you a substantial sum of money down the road and even loss and heartache.  There are some breeders out there that see this as a profit making business only.  Pomskies come into heat at around 6 months which means technically they can get pregnant.  An 11 year old can technically get pregnant but should she?  The answer in dogs is the same as humans.  Dogs need to be fully mature to be mothers.  Being a mama takes a lot of hard work and is not very glamorous.  Dogs with puppy brains are more likely to reject litters and be terrible mothers because they care about playing more than care-giving.  So these breeders start breeding these dogs as preteens and they breed them their whole lives until the females just can't do it anymore.  They also breed consecutively for the dogs whole life.   After seeing our dogs pre and post pregnancy their is a huge difference.  It takes a long time and a lot of dedicated effort to get our females healthy enough to have another litter.  So while my dog has 20 puppies in her lifetime these poor dogs can have over 100.  These breeders make their money back through quantity and not quality.

7) Our dogs receive 2 shots before going home because the threat of Parvo is real and something that I pray I never have to experience with one of my litters.  I have the puppies vaccinated twice once at 6 weeks and then at 9 weeks.  Most puppies go home at 8 weeks leaving the new owners only a week to get that second Parvo shot.  I keep all my pups until 9 weeks so that they get that second shot and give the new owner 3 weeks to get the pup in for the continuation of their vaccinations.



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