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Denali is one of the most striking features on the planet. At 21,310 feet this mountain is awe inspiring.  The name Denali means "Great One".  One look into Denali's star shaped blue eyes and you will be captivated.

Our Denali is of two personalities.  Out of all our dogs, she is the sweetest and will absolutely just melt in your arms. 'Dani' can be the biggest love bug ever but then there is the other side.  From the moment we brought her home she has assumed the dominant role in the pack even though she was half the size.  Denali is fearless and persistent.  When I give out bones, it isn't long before she has gathered them all underneath her and sits atop them as a dragon guarding its hoard.  She doesn't back down, even when the other four join forces to take her down.  She is our little Tasmanian Pompsy with angel eyes.

Pomsky Denali Photo 1

Northern Lights Arctic Spitz Pomskies

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