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One of Nobel Birth, High Born the daughter of her majesty Queen Khaleesi

We are thrilled to introduce our latest Pomsky puppy, Briegh! Born in 2022 as part of Khaleesi's litter, Briegh immediately stole our hearts and we knew we had to keep her. She may still be growing and learning, but we can't get enough of her charming looks and affectionate personality. In fact, she is the sweetest and most loving of all our dogs! We can already tell that Briegh has all the makings of a fantastic mother in the future. We are so grateful to have her as part of our family, and we know that other Pomsky enthusiasts will fall in love with her just as we have.

Pomsky Briegh Photo 1

Briegh's DNA Story Coming Soon

Embark Test Image
Embark Test Image

Northern Lights Arctic Spitz Pomskies

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