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Happy Homes & Testimonials


Lance & Chris in Minnesota

"Kiera has completed our loving family and fit right in with our tribe of children and cats from the very first day. She is a healthy, happy, and well-behaved appropriate barker, barking only when strangers approach the house, but not on walks. When Chris and I first started talking about becoming dog owners again after a 20-year lapse, we had a few concerns about taking the plunge. I wanted a dog that “looked like a man’s dog” and she wanted a dog that “didn’t wreck the house.”
As busy professionals, with limited time for potty and crate training having a puppy ready to go in that department was critical! Leah and Jason took the time to understand our needs, offered fantastic consults, documentation, and DNA testing. Finally, Leah made arrangements to fly Kiera to Minnesota. While we waited, we had plenty of weekly pics and virtual calls to get acquainted with Kiera. There is a saying, “you get what you pay for.” In this case, the saying is wrong. We got WAY more than what we paid for.

Pictures will prove her cuteness and loviness."

Fenrir aka Finley

Rachel & Kyle in New York

"Fenrir has been an incredible dog and wonderful new member of our family. He acclimated to our home within a week (at 8months and was potty and crate trained). Leah has been amazing to work with, she's a fast communicator and during his first week checked in on us and was always willing to call and help us make him feel more comfortable. It really shows how much she and her husband love and care for the puppies by how trusting and loving he is. 
He is the sweetest boy who just wants to cuddle us all the time and is the biggest most loving ball of fluff. He's a great listener, has been gentle with kids, and really just wants to be a part of the family. He's slowly growing up to be more courageous and has been amazing on big hikes and keeps up with our other dog in speed and playing, he looooves to show off and everywhere we go people comment how wonderful he is. "