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His name means "Wolf" and he has a wild side that lives up to his name.  If there is mischief to do, he manages to find his way into it.

Meet Tikanni, our beloved Pomsky and biggest furry friend! With his husky lineage, he has inherited all the best qualities that make these dogs so lovable. He's always up for a good game of catch and loves nothing more than rolling around in the fluffy white snow. And yes, he can be a bit stubborn at times, but that only adds to his charming personality. Plus, when it's time to relax, Tikanni always finds the funniest positions to snuggle up in. Thanks to my husband's tender loving care, Tikanni transforms from a wild ball of energy to a happy-go-lucky pup that can't resist a good belly rub.

Pomsky Tikanna Photo 1

Tikanni's DNA Story

Embark DNA Test Image 1
Embark DNA Test Image 2
Tikanni's Embark Test Results Image. 47.9% Siberian Husky, 52.1% Pomeranian

Tikanni is Available for Stud Services

Tikanni's Semen Results for Stud Service

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