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Bella is the smallest of all our dogs and still has some growing up to do.  But right from the start, we knew she was going to be our little beauty.  She has a great personality that is not limited by her size.  She is my "Power Puff" girl. 

Meet our lovable Pomsky, Bella! She has an unwavering determination to keep up with her bigger furry friends, and her playful spirit is infectious! Although the big dogs may toss her around during their roughhousing, Bella never gives up and always jumps right back in for more. She is not only brave and intelligent, but she's also a bit of a magician when it comes to wriggling out of any containment we put her in. Bella is so agile that we've affectionately nicknamed her our "shapeshifter". When she does escape, her boundless energy is contagious as she excitedly runs circles around our living room. It's always a joy to watch Bella doing her "Benny Hill" routine!

Pomsky Bella Photo 1

Northern Lights Arctic Spitz Pomskies

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